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Opalite Necklace – Mushroom


Your necklace will include an information paper stating the following:

Glass Opal or Opalite may be man-made but is nevertheless one of personal power, known to increase one’s sense of self-worth.  It is an ideal crystal to have in your work space or in situations that may be difficult or tense due to its calming abilities.  Known as a merchant stone it is useful for success in business as it helps manifest material affluence and monetary wealth.  It also improves communication on all levels and enhances effective personal interactions.  Glass Opal is useful in meditation partly because it gives off a calming and relaxing energy, but also because it is helps with opening up the third-eye chakra.  When placed over the crown chakra, it is said to induce visions and enhance psychic powers.  Glass opal is can assist in receiving visions and interpreting messages from the spirit world, thereby enhancing our psychic abilities.  Emotionally, glass opal is useful when undergoing great change, as it gently assists in making smooth transitions.

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Necklaces in the photos are examples. Stones are unique for each necklace.

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