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Compassionate Spiritual Guidance to Encourage Positive Change

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A Time For Karma’s counselors are present every day. All counselors are ordained ministers in the state of New York. You are eligible to receive spiritual guidance only if you are over 18 years of age or have your parent with you. Spiritual guidance is available to you every day!

Our Spiritual Counselors will all be available by phone for a while due to safety issues as well as our limited store capacity. We look forward to having our readers back in our store in the future.  

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All counselors are ordained ministers in the state of New York
Denise Marie Jordan LMSW, C.A.

Denise Marie Jordan LMSW, C.A. NCGR-PAA, Certified Counseling Astrologer/Reiki Master/Social Worker

During a session with Denise, she will provide you with the timing and significance of events in your life and how they correspond to psychological and spiritual shifts.

Denise’s approach is wholistic and predictive so that you may grow through experiences, make authentic life choices, and experience positive results.

She also combines the symbolism of Tarot in order that a detailed picture of your situation and people involved are revealed.

In her humorous and warm style, Denise offers insight and guidance in all areas of life which include relationships, work, finances, family, and spiritual matters.

As a New York State licensed social worker and psycho-therapist, Denise’s specialty is counseling clients who have encountered psychic and spiritual phenomena, as well as near-death and out-of-body episodes. Her technique developed from years of personal experiences, and incorporates energy healing, mindfulness meditation, and psycho/spiritual therapy.

Denise Marie Jordan is a profes-sional counseling astrologer certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). For the past twenty-three years, Denise has a private practice in New York and lectures for the NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance where she teaches beginning to advanced levels of astrology and is published in “The Ingress” with her article ‘Ceres, The Harbinger of Transition’.

Denise Marie Jordan LMSW, C.A.

Roni Todd BA & MSW is not only a reverend but also a licensed social worker.

With 46 years experience, Roni has been called the #1 Palm Reader in NY. Her many years of social work experience has assisted her with many of the complex problems of her clients. She has been on Court TV’s show “Psychic Detectives” twice and has done readings on WGBB and Long Beach Radio.

She has done many classes and lectures at the Eyes Of Learning, the Queens Psychic Club, and at A Time For Karma and has done charitable classes for many groups.

She reads Palms, along with tarot cards, animal spirits, and is contacted by spirits and angels daily.

Roni does her readings with amazing accuracy and is also a relationship specialist, who has helped hundreds of people make sense of their lives!! She has also helped people in areas of employment, finding a profession, and has helped them get jobs. And she has assisted people and families iron out their difficulties.

A reading with Roni will be an amazing experience as she will brighten your day and help you see a better future!!!

Denise Marie Jordan LMSW, C.A.

Derrick Little is a skilled hand reader trained to decipher one’s life purpose, one’s life lessons and one’s soul gifts via the patterns found in their hand.

His interest in palmistry and hand analysis started in Rishikesh, India in 1996 and for the past 23 years he has been a student dedicated to learning the language of hands.

His strength as a hand reader is that he has honed his studies into a skill whereby he can clearly translate the insights written in the hands into a clear, concise and invaluable message on how to unlock one’s best life.

As a spiritual counselor, Derrick has a true passion for translating the soul map found in one’s seemingly empty hands to ignite, reaffirm, clarify and often validate or define one’s unique life path from the level of the soul.

Derrick’s style of hand analysis is non-predictive. He will not tell you what will happen but rather he clearly states what CAN happen if you exalt your life lessons, step into your life purpose and commit to it.

What is “life purpose”? It is the highest expression of your “soul-self”. It is not necessarily what you do for a living nor how you make your money (although it often is related to one’s job/career/work) but rather your “Life Purpose” is a state of being your soul wishes to inhabit where you can experience the most sense of gratification and reward in living your current human life.

Derrick’s vast and eclectic esoteric knowledge and his own life experience as a survivor inform the many methods he often suggests his clients utilize to create and initiate positive changes in their life. These methods may include affirmations for awareness and empowerment, crystals and stones for healing, personal spells for manifesting intentions, Vedic mantras and prayers for divine assistance and/or creative exercises for manifestation of goals.

Derrick Little is a certified traditional Himalayan Bowl Therapist (IASH Graduate) a certified scientific Hand Analyst (IIHA Certified), a Kundalini Yoga Instructor (via, an Usui-Shiko Ryoho Reiki Practitioner (Mika Ichihara) and a full time artist and sacred sound musician. His given spiritual name is Mantra Deva Singh.

He offers 30-minute readings where he translates one’s Life Purpose and one’s Life Lessons from their hands. He then thoroughly explains these invaluable insights and offers guidance on how you can actively work towards exalting your life lessons and manifesting a life full of purpose, meaning and empowered self-awareness.

Rev. Pauline Southard has been providing warm and caring spiritual counsel for the last 20 years at A Time for Karma.​

Rev. Pauline Southard has been providing warm and caring spiritual counsel for the last 20 years at A Time for Karma.

Pauline’s style is very interactive and empowering, helping you to see the big picture of your soul’s journey. She often sees your most important past lives and how they directly affect your current life.

She is particularly talented at helping people who are in crisis or have reached a crossroads in their lives.

Pauline can help you to gain a much deeper understanding of all of your relationships, their dynamics and soul purpose. Love relationships are a specialty of hers.

She especially loves exploring the charts of babies and children with you to give you that extra edge to better understand their potential and soul path and the most effective ways to guide them.

Her love of aromatherapy and crystals has led her to study these wonderful healing modalities so she can advise you on what crystals and essential oils can benefit you.

She can charge your crystals so they are much more effective for you and can connect you energetically to them to deepen your ability to work with them.

Pauline is the founder and facilitator of The Manifestation Grid here at a Time for Karma. This free service for our Karma community enables you to use the power of prayer, Reiki and VortexHealing® to empower you to achieve your heart’s desire.

She is the author of the New Moon column for the Karma website which explores the energy and potential for each New Moon every month. Pauline also has a private healing and teaching practice in addition to her work at A Time For Karma

  • At our store on Fridays and Saturdays
  • 516-445-4242
  • $60.00 for half an hour
    • $100.00 for an hour. You may pay by cash or Pauline can take credit/debit cards through her PayPal account.

If you are looking for Becky Grabski who formerly worked on Mondays, her information can be found on our Friends of Karma page.  You can make arrangements for a phone reading with Becky directly as she has moved out of state.

For individuals wishing to go deeper into the messages inscribed in their hands and how they can use that wisdom to further unlock their best life,
Derrick also offers hour long readings via inked hand print for $ 175.

The inked print gives much more detail for him to work with including:

  • Life Purpose
  • Lie Lesson
  • Personality Strengths/Weakness
  • Chakra Imbalances
  • Gift Markers
  • Burdens
  • Overall health/Condition/Direction and Drive
  • and more…

These longer, more in-depth readings require Derrick to take an “inked print” of your hands (done in store), then have a day or more to review and prepare his analysis, followed by an hour-long session with explicit details of his findings.

Truly Transformative
Cost for this is $ 175 and the reading date can be made upon taking prints.

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