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Abalone Shell 5-6 Inches


Abalone Shell stimulates psychic development and intuition, imagination and sensitivity.  Nicknamed the sea ears, the abalone’s flattened, oval shape with iridescent interior was used by the Native Northwest American Indians as a natural vessel offerings and prayers.  Abalone is useful for handling and calming emotional situations, gently cleansing the heart of fear, sorrow and negative emotions so that it can shine with all the colors of the rainbow.

Use this as a ritual shell, a stick incense burner or a burning bowl for sage or herbs.

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Use your shell for burning anything for ritual purpose.  Because shells come from the ocean, they represent the water element.  When used for smudging the lit sage adds earth, fire and air to complete the Elemental aspect of this beautiful ritual tool.  Its shape makes it perfect for use in smudging (resting your burning smudge stick within it), or even serving as an incense burner.

Shells are interpreted as meaning artistic ability, change of consciousness, emotional stability, the Goddess, good fortune in relationships, good news, good outcome in legal matters, happiness near water, luck, money, rebirth, safe return, spiritual awareness.  Seashells were used in place of metal or paper money in places where such materials were scarce. Because of this it is also a good to use in wealth, money and riches spells.  One way is to anoint your shell with seawater (that contains gold) and use this plate on altar to draw prosperity to you.


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