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7 Swords of St. Michael 7 Day Candle


Seven day candles are named so because they will burn for seven full days if you leave your candle lit.  If you choose to extinguish and re-light your candle, it will burn much longer.  The solid colors represent the color properties.

This candle is poured into the glass, and cannot be pulled out for dressing.  The top of the candle may be dressed if you choose.

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These candles are heavy will incur extra shipping costs.  Pick up is a local option. Your candle will include information papers stating the following:

Basic Candle Magic Instructions Choose your candle based on its color (see color properties sheet) and how long you want it to burn. Charge your candle by holding it in your hands and focus on the desired goal of the spell. (Optional) Carefully carve into the candle anything to do with your intention. Of course this carving will ultimately disappear into the air, carrying your magical message to the spirit world. Alternately you can write your wish on a paper and place it under the candle as it burns. At the end you can burn this paper accomplishing the same thing. (Optional) Dress the candle with specially charged oils or herbs. Always use a wooden match for candle magic or any other burning purpose. Never blow a candle out with your breath! Always use a snuffer, a spoon, or any other smothering technique. Recycling is always good, but any trash generated should be disposed of in an outside garbage receptacle, not inside your home.

Candle Color Properties:                                                       

Red – Element of Fire, Passion, Strength, Lust, Fast Action Career Goals, Driving force.

White – Peace, Purity, The Higher Self, The Goddess.

Blue – Element of Water, Wisdom, Calming, Spiritual Inspiration, Opening Blocked Communication.

Pink – Love, Affection, Caring, Romance, Nurturing.

Green – Growth, Element of Earth, Plant Magic, Physical Healing, Monetary Success, Mother Earth.

Yellow – Joy, Teaching, Focus, Clarity of Thought & Speech, and Positive Energy.

Purple – Third Eye, Psychic Ability, Influencing those in high places, Spiritual Power, Hidden Knowledge.


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