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Wolf Scene Woodscape


This wolf scene looks like it is carved from wood but it is actually cast resin.  It measures 9 1/2 inches wide and stands 7 1/4 inches tall.

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Your wolf purchase will include an information paper stating the following:  The wolf symbolizes leadership, strength, intelligence, endurance and family values.  Wolves are naturally eloquent and easily adapt to a group.  Therefore they are great communicators, and are loyal and generous.  The wolf can also symbolize both protection and destruction when others in the pack are threatened. It also indicates an appetite for freedom and living life powerfully, guided by instincts.  It encourages you to live your life more freely, to bring the intensity of passion in your everyday endeavors.  The wolf is a reminder to use your strength and intelligence as a guide and to trust your instincts to find the best way for you.

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