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Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet


Your bracelet will include an information paper stating the following:

Watermelon Tourmaline brings clarity, emotional healing from past life issues and supports you as you seek to deepen your understanding of your life’s purpose.  Watermelon tourmaline is a metaphysically protective stone which is said to balance and harmonize the chakras, especially the heart chakra. It cleanses and removes blockages, soothing and relieving stress, and offering enhanced physical healing.  Watermelon tourmaline is thought to help lessen depression and mend emotional wounds by allowing the one to see the meaning and purpose of certain events in life.  It promotes unconditional love, aids in removing insecurities and calming overactive emotions.  Watermelon tourmaline crystal is also believed to help attract love and resolve issues in relationships, infusing them with joy and divine love.

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