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Moonstone Necklace – Silver Top with Single Bead


Your necklace will include an information paper stating the following:

Moonstone (creamy beige color with pearly luster) Moonstone is a feeling stone, enhancing under-standing through intuition and emotion rather than through intellectual reasoning.  It can be helpful in alleviating emotional tension and enhancing creativity and self-expression.  It is also said to promote ease in pregnancy and childbirth, to relieve the symptoms of pre-menstrual stress and menopause, and to eliminate insomnia.

Often called the travelers stone, moonstone was used for protection during travel.  It was also a talisman of good fortune and was said to keep that which was dear to one closer.  According to legend, the brightness of moonstone increases as the new moon becomes full.  Native Americans considered it sacred and believed that one could see into the future if the stone was held in the mouth when the moon was full.

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Necklaces in the photos are examples. Stones are unique for each necklace.

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