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Moldavite Chips


Your chip jar will include an information paper stating the following:

Moldavite is a green translucent silica meteoric glass created by a large cosmic velocity meteorite which vaporized when it struck the earth in Nordlingen, Germany, creating the Reis Crater. A small percentage of that vapor was propelled into the ionosphere by the impact explosion through the hole punched in the earth’s dense atmosphere. When this silica vapor reached the cold of outer space, it condensed then solidified and fell back to earth creating a strewn field of lime green tektite named Moldavite.

There are many benefits of this stone, and exposure to it, including, activating the dream state when worn while sleeping, helping one to acclimate to the Earth plane environment if feeling not part of this world.  It helps foster a deeper level of compassion and understanding and aids in expansion of consciousness and in self-discovery and enlightenment.  It is also a direct link to the Heart Chakra. It helps one get in touch with the resonance of the heart.  Moldavite is considered a celestial stone of transformation and for inner evolution towards one’s highest good.

Your chip will be unique.

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