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Feng Shui Lead Crystal – Pink


Your feng shui lead crystal will include a information paper stating the following:

Feng Shui Lead Crystals are one of the most common and easiest cures to apply. Lead crystals increase the balance of yang (the masculine energy of heat, life, summer, day, sun and fire) energy resulting in greater energy flow and life force.

Common places to hang crystals are:

  1. A long hallway with many doors where energy becomes “trapped”. Hang the crystal from the ceiling half way down the hall to slow and disperse energy.
  2. When a door is directly in line with a bed, desk chair, or place you spend a lot of time. Hang the crystal between the door and bed or chair so Chi (energy) will slow down.
  3. When steps lead directly to a door. Place the crystal between the bottom steps and the door.
  4. Wherever you wish to create a greater and smoother energy flow.  Placing a crystal in each window allows sunlight to pass through, activating the Chi (energy) in a gentle, yet powerful way.

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