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Feng Shui Dragon Statue – with Gold Coins


This gorgeous Feng Shui dragon stands about 6 1/8” tall and about 5 1/4” across. Your dragon statue will include a information paper stating the following:

The Dragon is one of four benevolent animals in Asian culture. Through fierce in appearance, the dragon is believed to have descended from heaven, filled with good will. It is thought that dragons help govern the universe, which is why Asian dragons are typically depicted holding a ball (the Earth) in their hand.

Dragon people are endowed with wisdom and strength. They like other people admire and respect them. They enjoy challenges and know that nothing is impossible. They have plans and steady purpose before they do something.

A symbol of success and prosperity, the dragon is best placed in the living room, study, or office. You can place it near a water feature such as a fountain to bring achievement, fame, and power. Or in the east for health because it can blow precious chi. Place it on your desk for career success.

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This statue measures at 6 1/8” inches tall and 5 1/4” inches wide.

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