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Blue Lace Agate Necklace – Polished Stone on Silver Chain


Your necklace will include a information paper stating the following:

Blue Lace Agate – (light blue variegated stone) is a type of blue chalcedony. The name relates to the very attractive lacy bands of either white, grey or darker blue colored lines, which run through the pale blue stone. In addition to the generic healing properties of agate and chalcedony, the blue lace variety is a very cooling and calming stone, endowing us with a sense of peace and tranquility.  A powerful throat healer, it assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.  It can help you to clarify your thoughts so that the person you are communicating with can easily understand your point of view.  Blue Lace Agate is a great nurturing and supportive stone, neutralizing anger, infection, inflammation and fever.

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