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Blue Goldstone Necklace – Crescent Moon


Your necklace will include an information paper stating the following:

Goldstone is actually a man-made, type of glass with glittery metallic material in it.  Even so, it has many properties of natural glasses, such as obsidian and also maintains the properties of the combined additives which include copper. Goldstone was invented accidentally in the 1600s in Venice when alchemists were trying to create gold.

The sparkles of the Blue Goldstone are symbolic of the light that can always be found in the darkness, its resemblance to the night sky will remind you to reach for the stars.  Carried in your hand or in your pocket it relaxes and also helps to alleviate fear of the dark.  Goldstone provides protection since it is a good deflector of unwanted energies.


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Necklaces in the photos are examples. Stones are unique for each necklace.

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