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AromaMist 300 ml. Color Changing Diffuser


Create your ambiance, choose the color you want to leave on or choose rotating colors!

Ultrasonic elements produces a relaxing mist with no heat or chemicals needed. Provides immediate aromatherapy with just drops of fragrant essential oil. Quality design and craftsmanship, offers three hours of continuous scent. The unit is easy to use. Simple add one half a cup of plain tap water to the unit and a few drops of essential oil. The unit is UL approved and comes with an AC adapter to make using it a breeze.  The AromaMist works perfectly with any fragrant essential oil you have on hand. Simply place a few drops in the reservoir along with tap water. The simplicity of this design is so safe you can use it almost anywhere. There are no open flames or heat to worry about.


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  • 7 Color-changing LED light options provide soothing ambiance or choose no-light mode
  • Only 1/2 cup of tap water will last up to 3 hours
  • Quantity: 1 diffuser Color: White
  • Includes 20 drop (1/4 dram) sample of Wild Orange oil

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