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3) The Art of Intuition: Learning the Eight Clairs – Tuesday, May 14th, 7:30 pm


We are all born with the gift of intuition, some of us are born awakened and others awaken throughout their lifetime.  Cassandra will assist you to strengthen your intuitive gifts by facilitating a guided meditation along with guiding you through special intuitive exercises.  More specifically in this class we will focus on the eight psychic “Clairs.” This will help you define which one you are more attuned to at this time.  This class is for beginners as well as the experienced .


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This class will be taught by Cassandra Spanato.  For more about Cassandra visit our Friends of Karma page.

Class Policies:  All classes require pre-registration and pre-payment.  Payment can be paid in person or by phone in cash or credit card, or at Courses without sufficient enrollment will be cancelled and those registered will be notified and refunded.  We understand that sometimes situations warrant changes of plans. Please give us the courtesy of cancelling at least 3 days  prior to the date of your class. Refunds will not be given to no-shows or cancellations less than 3 days before the class.  Thanks for your understanding and support as we all grow and learn together.

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