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Throat Chakra Votive Candle


Each candle is Reiki charged and crafted using a unique blend of essential oils and burns for approximately 12-15 hours when using a proper candle holder.

Each candle comes with an affirmation and inspirational message for that particular chakra. All candles from A Time for Karma come with wooden matches.

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Crown Chakra (violet) Located at the top of the head.  Its function is understanding.  Balancing this chakra is said to give vitality to the cerebrum and affects the intuition and inspiration.

Third Eye Chakra (indigo) Located in the center of the forehead above the eyebrows, its functions are seeing and intuiting. Balancing this chakra helps psychic perception and balances the pineal gland.

Throat Chakra (blue) Located in the throat, its function is communication.  Balancing this chakra is important for clearer speech and communication.

Heart Chakra (green or pink) Located in the center of the chest, its function is love.  Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart and thymus.  It also affects spiritual love and compassion.

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) Located in the area above the navel, its functions are will and power.  Balancing this chakra is associated with calming emotions and frustrations, easing tension and helping to better utilize intuition.

Sacral Chakra (orange) Located in the lower abdomen, its function is desire, pleasure, procreation and creativity.  Balancing this chakra is associated with physical power and fertility.

Root Chakra (red) Located at the base of the spine, its function is survival and grounding.  Balancing this chakra gives energy to the physical body, controls fear, increases overall health and helps in grounding.

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