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Red Male Image Candle


-You can choose one candle to represent you and to manifest something for yourself.

-You can choose two candles representing you and a partner, and burn them facing each other to bring you closer together or to manifest a partner.

-You can face two candles away from each other to release yourself from a toxic relationship.

-Another method is to place two image candles facing each other on your altar. Put a red candle in   between the two image candles. Light all three candles and slowly move the two image candles closer to each other until they eventually touch.


No matter how you choose to burn your image candles, your pure intention is the most powerful element, let your intention guide you in how you should burn your candle.


All male or female candles will come with wooden matches and complete instructions for your magic.









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These candles have been molded to represent a naked man and a naked woman.  They come in many different colors chosen to align with your desired outcome.


Pink – Love, Money, Affection, Caring, Romance, Nurturing

Red – Passion, Strength, Lust, Fast Action, Career Goals, Motivation

Green – Healing, Money, Growth

Black – Binding, Protection, Power

White – Peace, Purity, Goddess Energy, also substitutes for any other color.


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